What inspired you to try entrepreneurship?

Believe it or not, my entrepreneurial journey started out of boredom during quarantine. I was only 16, a junior in high school when I decided to start a YouTube channel - filming, editing, and uploading my very first video in April 2020. Two in particular were: “My Jewelry Collection” & “Get Ready With Me - for nothing” which both went viral. Within a few weeks, I gained thousands of subscribers, who loved my style & this is when I knew my decision to start a YouTube channel would completely change my life! Two months later, I decided I was going to start my own business of handmade tie dye clothing & promote on my YouTube. It was a family affair in my garage, we tie dyed over 500 pieces & sold out within 24 hours of launch! It was at this point in time that I knew I wanted to continue my journey of content creating + owning a business.

Why jewelry?

Jewelry has always been a staple part of me, whether I’m in pajamas or dressed up, I’m ALWAYS wearing jewelry, most of the time, a lot of it! So after a year of building my clothing business, & after a handful of successful product launches, I decided to use the profits and switch my brand focus to jewelry. Jewelry is something that makes me feel complete. In creating EP JEWELS, I knew it was something that could be successful as my goal was to provide quality and affordable products for everyone & inclusive to all!

How do you relate to your followers/customers?

One of the many ways I relate to my followers is by sharing my personal experiences & honest product feedback through my YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. I believe that honesty creates a sense of authenticity with any audience so I always try to be as transparent as possible by sharing my successes as well as my failures. As far as the business side of it, I always encourage feedback and even constructive criticism as customer service is a top priority of mine!

What does a typical day for Evange look like?

Depending on the day, you might find me making a video for social media, creating designs for the brand, reaching out to manufacturers, dealing with correspondence, curating my Instagram feed, photographing products, or updating our brand site - I literally love every part of it. I also host pop-up events at various boutiques and locations, where I meet with both my loyal followers and customers who I like to call “friends.” These pop-up events not only allow me the chance to introduce new EP products to everyone, but also allow me the opportunity to interact with customers who support me & my brand!

Where do you see EP in the future?

My plan for my brand, EP, is for it to be known as a household name, and for everyone to love and enjoy. At the same time, my goal is to continue making a positive impact on society through my philanthropic efforts. I hope that my story offers inspiration to anyone who may be questioning whether they should take that first step in starting a business or even giving back to help others in any way they can. If I could do it, so can you! Looking ahead, my plans involve continuing to share my life & experiences with my lovely followers, growing my social media presence + business, and always staying true to my passion & love for what I do!! Thank you soooooo so much for your continued support!